lentGood morning Dear Ones.  Below you will find a daily inspirational message for each day of theLenten Season.  You can listen to the message here or download it onto any device for listening to it later or perhaps listening to it several times a day.

Why does Unity observe Lent?

Unity’s founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, saw value in observing Lent from a Unity perspective. Keep a True Lent was compiled from Charles Fillmore’s writings and lectures about Lent. Mr. Fillmore wrote: “Lent … is a church institution embodying an exalted idea, the idea of cleansing and disciplining both mind and body toward the end of making them more receptive to the Christ ideas. Like many other religious practices, it is too often observed in letter but not in spirit.” The spirit of Lent inspired Fillmore. As was his practice with many of the ceremonies and symbols of the Christian church, he interpreted the practices of Lent metaphysically. That is to say, Fillmore looked at the practical spiritual significance of the Lenten observances of fasting in each individual’s life. He wrote: “We must learn to deny our selfish impulses and be obedient to impulses of brotherly love. When we withdraw our attention, interest and support from the false and the unworthy, this is true fasting.” He added: “When we give that same attention, interest and support to the enduring good, we are feasting on the things of the Spirit, and this is true prayer. When we have truly fasted in the Christ way, we have increased our ability to respond to God’s good will.” In Charles Fillmore’s view, fasting and prayer (which he called feasting) become primarily spiritual rather than physical practices. Their purpose is to help us permanently release unproductive thinking and behavior patterns and to build up or reinforce Truth ideas until they become the guiding principles for every area of our lives.




The 31st day of Lent-Wednesday, March 16  Theme: “Germination”


The 32nd day of Lent-Thursday, March 17  Theme: “Atonement”


The 33rd day of Lent- Friday, March 18  Theme: “Transfiguration”


The 34th day of Lent-Saturday, March 19  Theme: “Transmutation”


The Sixth Sunday of Lent-Palm Sunday


The 35th day of Lent-Monday, March 21  Theme: “Transcendence”


The 36th day of Lent-Tuesday, March 22  Theme: “Forgiveness”


The 37th day of Lent-Wednesday, March 23  Theme: “Communion”


The 38th day of Lent-Thursday, March 24  Theme: “Gethsemane”


The 39th day of Lent-Friday, March 25  Theme: “Resurrection”


The 40th day of Lent-Saturday, March 26  Theme: “Completion”


Easter Sunday, March 27  Theme: “Easter”


Thank you so much for stopping by to listen to the Daily Inspirational message for Lent.  I do hope you enjoyed them and felt inspired by them.  Happy Easter to you and your family!!