Building our Forgiveness Foundation

It is definitely true that forgiveness is the key to happiness.  Last Sunday we did an activity that demonstrated that we carry with us each person we have refused to forgive.  It’s very hard to maneuver successfully through life when we are dragging those unforgiven people with us!!
During the meditation I presented these questions for contemplation: 

  1. Was your mother a forgiving person?
  2. Was your father a forgiving person?
  3. Was bitterness a family way of handling hurts?
  4. How did your mother get even?
  5. How did your father get even?
  6. How did you get even?
  7. Do you feel good when you get revenge?  Why?

Truth be told not everyone believes forgiveness is a good thing. After all, aren’t we justified in hurting the person that hurt us?  At times doesn’t revenge taste sweet?
That may be true but consider this- because we are all one and come from the same source what we extend to another we also extend to ourselves.  What does that mean exactly?  It means when I take revenge out on someone else that same energy comes back to us multiplied.  When we are angry with someone that anger comes back to us and is harmful.  Anger and unforgiveness ,whether we are aware of it or not, affects us on the physical and emotional levels.  We get headaches, our muscles tighten, we get depressed and we feel robbed of our happiness.
So what to do?  I am answering this question in our Sunday sharings.  This coming Sunday the title of my sharing and our exploration will be “Forgiveness, what is it good for?  We will also take a questionaire that will help us pinpoint the source for us of unhealed resentments.
Everyone is invited to come and explore with us.  Remember all Faiths are welcome at Unity.  Even if you frequent or belong to another local church you may see a topic that could benefit you so come on a join us on a Sunday.

Focus on forgiveness
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