60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

Our Special Thanksgiving Communion Service

From 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM

At Community library

60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

love offering

“This ceremony we identify as Communion, or The Last Supper.  The taking of bread and wine are symbols of Substance and Spirit.  They are the omnipresent substance and energy of God.” “Some people recognize God within as indwelling purity and holiness.” “Others recognize and accept the God within as the life of the body.” “The person who recognizes the indwelling God as their holiness, and who recognizes the God as their health, is made both holy and physically well by their recognition and acceptance.” 

“We must come to see and understand that this same indwelling God who is our holiness and our health is also our sustenance, support and supply.”  “The natural impulse of Divine Being is to flow forth through us into all things.  We are natural conduits for the energy of God.” “This ceremony of Communion reminds us that God is All-Sufficiency in all things.  “God is the idea and its manifestation as well.  God is both cause and effect.” 

Matt. 21:22  “‘Whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.’  There is no limit!”“Anything we can imagine already is.  To have it manifest in our lives, we only have to ask for it believing we can have it.” “God is the concept and the manifestation of the concept, the wine and the bread, the Spirit and the Spirit formed.” 

“Our personal holiness, or understanding of God, is not acquired by outside works of purifying ourselves, rather it is acquired by turning within and letting Spirit flow through our human nature until we become saturated with Holy Spirit.” “This ceremony is only a reminder.” 

“Abundant supply is ours, even more than we can ask or think.  After all, God gives not according to our need, but God gives because it is God’s Nature to give all.”  “God is our health and our healer.  God is our supply and our supplier.  God is the giver and the gift, the idea and its manifestation, the bread and the wine.” 

Join us!!  People of all Faiths and Life Styles are welcome at all of Unity of Southwestern PA's activities and events.



Thanksgiving Communion Service