60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

Ascension-the mystical teachings of Jesus

From 11:00 am until 12:30 pm

At Community Library

60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

love offering

Rev. Donna Kopitsky / revdonna@unityofsouthwesternpa.org

Our path is one of Ascension as the mystical teachings of Jesus tell us!

This Sunday I will be sharing the 5 stages of Ascension as demonstrated by Jesus the Christ and how we also go through the same stages. This is why Jesus incarnated on the earth...to show us how we too can transcend the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  When we do that we are expressing more of our divinity as Jesus did. We can live lives right now free of fear and limitations where ordinary events become extraordinary, where everyday miracles are common place and unconditional love is who we are.

Sunday Celebration Service
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