60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

Prosperity Secrets Revealed-scientifically based techniques to increase prosperity in your life.

From 11:00 AM until 1:00 pm

At Community library

60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

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Rev. Donna Kopitsky / revdonna@unityofsouthwesternpa.org

Dear One,

Are you suffering from a lack consciousness or a poverty consciosness?   Are you financially constipated?  

Do you know that it does not matter what your outer circumstances are you can be prosperous!  It does not matter how intelligent you are, how talented you are, where you live or the kind of job you have you can be prosperous and this course shows you how.  

I am going to lead you on a in depth exploration into the world of prosperity.  I am going to share with you scientifically based spiritual principles that work.  These are the principles I use to keep myself in the flow of prosperity.  

This class is not about how to manage your finances, how to balance your check book, how to make sound investments and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It is a class about implementing proven techniques to improve not only your financial prosperity but all areas of your life.  The techniques I am going to share are ones you can put into practice immediately and you can see results quickly.

I feel so confident about what I am about to share with you that I can say these techniques are guaranteed to work.  So, if you are ready for a better life hop on board now!  You will not be disappointed.

Lecture series outcomes:

  1.  Have an understanding of what a prosperity consciousness is
  2. Understand what attitudes and beliefs may be blocking your prosperity
  3. Understand  the relationship between your thoughts and beliefs and your level of  prosperity
  4. Understand how to activate prosperity in your life
  5. Learn and implement tips and techniques to increase your prosperity now
  6. Understand how to maintain your prosperity consciousness
  7. Understand how to release blockages to your success
  8. and more.....

Also a light lunch is provided, brigs your own drinks..

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Prosperity Lecture Series-Whatever Your Outer Circumstances Are, You Can Be Prosperous!