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Visual proof that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality

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60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, PA

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Messages From Water-Our Thoughts and Words Do Create Our Reality "

Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe " by Masaru Emoto Water has a very important message for us. We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both within and all around us.

From Mr. Emotos work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, its quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life.

The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

This Sunday we will go on a journey into the world of Hado and how our thoughts and words create our reality and what we can do to create the reality that best serves our personal and spiritual growth. You are invited to join us for this exciting, inspirational and thought provoking sharing.

People of all Faiths ad Lifestyles are always welcome at all of Unity of Southwestern's events and activities. We meet every Sunday at 11:00 AM at the Community Library, 60 Connellsville Street, Dunbar. Ample parking and child care at all of our services!

Messages from Water-Our Thoughts and Feelings Do Create Our Reality